Well Lookie There

Well Ladies and Gents, I guess the fear of that September race is starting to bleed into the lazy days of summer, because for the first time in forever your blogging (moderately unmotivated) weight loss machine is in the gym.  Got home, slapped on the workout duds and headed down to the condo gym (which actually got some new equipment, YEAH!) to get the body moving.

My body hasn’t been feeling very good (the ankles, specifically the right peroneal brevis which is shredded) has been aching to high heaven.  But, no more excuses can be tolerated, the race is in 5 weeks and I need to learn how to run by that time (5km and 2.75km). While I still don’t feel like I’m ready to go out running, I have to build up my endurance to be able to not totally flake.  The bike (20km) will be easy, but the runs are really starting to creep up on me.
Once I got down there and hopped on the old elliptical, I really got into a groove after the first 5 minutes and pounded away a 42 minute session (actually I got on one machine but it was making noises so I started over again and did 40).  It was a pretty crazy interval session and I flipped directions every 5 minutes to make sure that my body couldn’t adapt, ensuring I worked out as hard as possible.  When it was all said and done, 730.5 calories burned and a whopping 6366 strides. My max heart rate was just short of 160 BPM with an average of 135 BPM (I was having trouble with my chest strap and it wasn’t reading properly, or sitting for that matter).
The rest of the week looks to be action packed with ball tomorrow night in a must win for the Blue Rams and then some type of gym session Wednesday.  I’m riding with Rick K from Pottery Road down to the Leslie Street Spit on Thursday, another session in the gym or on Spritz and then whatever the weekend holds.
Hanging tonight and happy that I worked out,

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