So this will not be a pleasant post.  You have been warned.  As I stated a while ago, the Blue Rams had to win out and get help to make the ‘top’ playoff in our league instead of the consolation round.  All week we have been waiting for the results of the team in front of us, they had to lose both last week and we had to beat them twice. 

6:00pm the results go up, they won both games.  Our playoff dreams are done, but if we split at worst we finish with a .500 record.  Nothing really to jump up and down about, but nothing to be ashamed of considering it’s our first season facing these new teams. Our captain wasn’t sure about telling the rest of the team because he was worried about the effort level some guys would put forward.  He told the team before the games started (the umpires had told some guys already) and this is where the problems started.
Now, let me be clear, I don’t get paid to play.  I am not a super all-star.  I don’t compete in tournaments and clearly my skills are decreasing as I get older and rack up the injuries.  That all being said, we all drove out to Mississauga.  We all paid to play ball.  We have good dudes on the team.  Where the hell is it ok to be an ass and not run to first after you make contact.  Where is it ok to dog it when you are out in the field and where the FCUK is it ok to complain the whole time about how this game means nothing.
FYI, don’t show up.  We don’t need you.  You are a good guy, but I am sick of the attitude and the lack of effort. You spit in the face of every guy on the team when you do that.  I’m not the most talented person in sports that don’t involve a football, but I will work my ass off and try no matter what.
The games ended up being called early (I was not in favour) but what can you do. While I was out there I ran pretty hard and had a decent day.  Over the two games I was 2-for-4 with a run scored and I hit the ball on the nose every time.  That at the very least made me feel better about the night overall.
Hope your Tuesday was better than mine,

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