Mother Nature is a Bitch

Harsh, maybe. Let’s just say that I am not feeling any kind feelings to the Lady of Weather on this Wednesday evening, but seriously, calm all day and then downpour as soon as we have to play.  To add to the pain, we are playing at an awful diamond (seriously there are 6 feet between the base line and the fence down either side).

Today marks a new era on the Beez retirement tour, I’ve moved from 3B to LF (voluntarily because I am starting to be a liability there).  Now the outfield can be touch and go, but as long as I play smart and position myself correctly it should be okay. 
Ok it was too, made a couple of great running catches, but had one sail over my head.  The lady drilled it and I came in one step too far.  I did make up for it with a great throw to get a runner going to third.  I was also very good with the bat (toot! Me, blowing my own horn). I went 3-for-3 with 3 runs scored and 2 RBIs (I put a shot off the top of the fence in left field) and felt really good except for some issues making the turns.
We are guaranteed a spot in the top playoff now!

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