That Was Ugly

Well we needed to win and we didn’t.  We came to the park and Mother Nature proved that she is still a bitch.  The game before us finished, weather with disturbed, but fine.  As soon as we started warming up, it started chucking rain.  Grrrreeeeaaaatttt.  Another day in left field with wet feet (oh and as a side note, if your cleats and socks get soaked, don’t leave them in the trunk of your car because they turn into little smelly bricks of evil).

So once again we are short girls, playing a team that is fielding two rovers and for the first 4 innings we could not buy a hit.  I’m still proving that I have no business on playing 3B because I cannot get that throw across the infield.  I fielded the hot shot to third (which was a nice play), but the throw sailed wide left.  I don’t know what the issue is, but it has got to be me thinking.  I am analyzing the throw too much and then either double clutching or holding on that extra half second and chunking the throw.
I had some nice runs in the field, full speed sprints, especially that one where the ball skipped off the grass and shot through my legs.  Embarassing. We did manage to get the guy going to third with a nice relay through from the LF who missed the ball.
On the night I went 1-for-2, but I did not feel very good after the 22-0 shellacking we took.

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