Can’t Read

So apparently I can’t read a calendar (Sorry Michelle).  I was supposed to play ball tonight for the Blue Rams (that’s what my Blackberry told me), but just before rolling out the door I checked the website for the league and low and behold no game tonight.

Mamma C was in town for a conference this weekend so I have been hosting for the last couple of nights.  I got home from work and figured I would work out instead (only issue is that on my way to my car this morning my foot started to act up Planter something.  Thanks a lot Wardo you are contagious). I whipped up some dinner for the two of us and then introduced her to Castle.
I put Nuns on the Run on for Mom and I hopped on Spritz and started pounding the pedals.  It wasn’t a long session, but let me tell you I had a good sweat going on and some pretty ok numbers by the time the session was over.  It was 30 minutes at an average cadence of 88.  I had an average beats per minute of 144 and a max of 160+.
Gotta keep the week going and Thursday will be another ride with Rick.

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