2 Knots Where My Calves Used To Be

Let’s hear it for post #250.  I can’t believe that I’ve have written this much in this short a period of time or that there have been so many changes since post #1.  Now I know along the way the direction of this blog has changed a couple of times since the beginning, but one thing has always stayed the same.  This blog makes me accountable to you (readers in Brantford, Toronto, Kitchener and Burlington to name a few). It’s this accountability that helps me get up on those days when I would rather roll over and hit snooze and it was that accountability that got me moving today.

When I lived on Cranbrooke, it was a lot easier to get to the gym because you had other people living with you who went or who worked out (or nagged at you when you started to slack).  Now as Master of my own domain, there is no one here to get me moving so I have to do it on my own (that, and the fear of the upcoming race in September).
So after the short little run on Thursday I was having some issues with my calves.  Clearly running uses muscles that I haven’t been working on during this process.  So as I lay in bed with two knots, I thought about ‘accountability’ and dragged my slightly sore ass up, got dressed and made my way downstairs.  Now knowing that I was slightly ‘nicked’ I knew that another run was out of the question, so it would have to be a smart workout.
I started off with 20 minutes on the treadmill (with a 5 minute cool down on the end) at an almost leisurely pace.  Now I started off with a 3.5% incline and an easy pace, but I ran for a couple of minutes at a 10 minute kilometer pace (which is the pace I need to have for the first five K).  After the 361.9 calories there I headed over and hit the free weights for the first time in forever.  I hit the new workout benches and hammered 3×15 reps @ 25lbs chest press, 3×15 reps @ 20lbs incline press and then 3×15 @ 20lbs seated dumbbell curls.  Once the big three were done 3×15 @ 20lbs seated shoulder press and finished up with 3×15 @ 15lbs tricep kickbacks.
Boy the arms were killing after that little series (not a good sign, but a good hurt).  Hit the back of the cardio bookend with 15 minutes on the elliptical (with a 5 minute cool down on the end) working on an interval program. There was some hard slugging there, but I pushed through and burned another 309 calories.
All in all a pleasant little Saturday morning considering all this activity was done by 10:30am.  Have yourselves a lovely little day…

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