Fun Filled Sunday

One note before I get going with this post, did you notice?  With yesterday’s ride I have logged over 500KM of travel between the two bikes and the spinner since February of this year.  It’s pretty exciting.  So after the ride we headed to Fred and Char’s for some BBQ and good times and it was just on the edge of being sloppy when I downshifted to beers to pace myself.

Good thing I did because when I woke up, I found out the Denis and Lisa and I would be heading out to play tennis first thing in the morning.  Now unlike yesterday’s ride which I was expecting, this one came as a surprise and mother nature decided that the big orange ball in the sky (the sun for those who didn’t figure it out) was on full display.  Now due to yesterday’s ride (and a lack of bike shorts or a working rear derailleur) Denis would not be taking part in the biking section of the day.  He would drive and meet us there.
My body wasn’t sure about bike riding, but it ended up being 5.25KM to Mount Pleasant on a mostly uphill trail (of course it was).  Once we got there it was Lisa and I vs Denis in our version of Wimbledon. Did I mention I have never played tennis before.  I was, well, not awful, but definitely there was lots of room for improvement. I did however have a great time running around for a couple of hours.  The only downside was the court was in the open and it was BLAZING hot out.  Once we were finished it was 5.25KM back to the house where Lisa prepared us a great breakfast and Denis picked up coffee.
Here’s where it got complicated.  My car was still at Fred and Char’s so after changing bike shoes, it was onto the Argon for another 5KM+ ride to pick up the car.  My legs were starting to get rubbery.  I loaded up, headed back to D&L’s and loaded up the mountain ride.  Once I was showered it was onto the road (using gasoline power this time).  Here’s where things could have gone badly for me.  I lost my cycling computer for my road bike (unbeknownst to me of course).  Ethan came through for me though and found it lying in their driveway.  BIG GOLD STAR and a present for that young man.
I headed home but halfway to Toronto I decided to visit Jason and Joanna Murdoch who were having a BBQ get together.  I rolled in and it was a big surprise.  Great time too, Ace and Izzy were there and Scott and Michelle showed up right behind me.  Susie and Naveen showed up and we headed to the park where it was baseball and football (Michelle had moved from Australia and threw a football and baseball for the first time.  She was pretty good too.  She also promised to teach me how to kick an Auzzie Rules football).  Finally the clock ticked midnight for me and I headed home to unload the bikes and do laundry.
Goodnight folks,

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