Opening Night of Blue Ram Ball

Well Ladies and Gents, softball season is once again upon us. Now there are those (SK I’m looking in your direction) who feel that me playing softball is not a good thing. Now that is to say the fear that my big body starting and stopping and trying to negotiate the bases may lead to injury. Now given my track record, this really isn’t such an outlandish concern (yes, I have been hurt a couple of times, broken hand, torn up knee… twice and various other issues), but this season will be different. I have to be careful, Ride for Heart is coming up and there will be NO repeats of last year (injured the week before).

So that brings us back to Opening Night. It was cold. Really, really cold. This is the first early game I can remember where I was wearing Under Armour Cold Gear and was still freezing my butt off. The long off season was not kind to us. We have moved nights (to Tuesday) so all of these teams are new to us. Except for the pitcher we faced (he pitched for the Blue Sox last season and was unhittable), he was his same terrible self. We did not have a good night, in fact in game 1, we were lucky to get a hit.

As for myself, on offence I was awful. When you put the 2 games together (and the Blue Rams went 0-1-1) I was 0-6. Not just an 0-for, but a bad one. I stranded runners, I was the end of inning, basically I stunk with the bat. That has to get better (just telling myself that) because lord knows it can’t get any worse. Defensively, aside from the first play when SS pulled me off the bag with a throw (which I managed to coral) I was a machine, including throwing out a runner trying to steal home on an infield fly.

I ran hard out of the box all night and was very mindful of the placement of my feet so I wouldn’t damage my leg. I felt fast, but I probably wasn’t. Jogged all night to third base to coach. Overall felt really good.


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