Monday Morning @ the Gym and Bin Laden is DEAD!

What a crazy headline! I know, it’s insane, I went to the gym first thing in the morning. All jokes aside, I went to bed last night and the world was the same old same old and when I wake up this morning, my phone has gone crazy because Osama Bin Laden is dead (went to bed at 8:30p to read for a bit). The twitter-sphere has been on fire from what I can gather because the Wicked Witch is dead. They were showing clips of the Phillies game when the crowd found out and it was pretty cool to watch. The best tweet I’ve seen so far though is ‘RIP Bin Laden, World Hide and Seek Champion (2001-2011)’.

Moving on then… It was a busy weekend at Casa de Chocolate and that was a good thing. First off I started out by buying a table for my patio and unpacking everything out there (just have to by some seat cushions). Then the important part happened, the purge. I went through closets and dresser and everything that didn’t fit or hasn’t been worn in 6 months was gone! I found clothes I had forgotten I owned and some that were 3-6 inches too big. I also went shopping for a couple new shirts (and a lemon zester) so it will be a new look on Monday.

So with the month of May now upon us, it’s time to get ‘serious’ as the summer months are around the corner. Softball starts next week (Men’s league) and the Ride for Heart is ONE MONTH AWAY! Healthy eating and lots of working out will be the flavour of the next few months. There is one issue though and it has been discovered over the last few elliptical sessions. My right knee has been acting strange… When I say strange, it seems to hyperextend on every stretch out and there is no resistance. Now stopping it. It doesn’t make me feel really confident using it in a hard fashion.

On this rainy Monday morning I climbed out of my nice warm bed (having adjusted my radio to go off at 5:45am and the alarm for 5:50am). The tandem alarm is key. I woke up, got dressed, grabbed my water and got moving (I did forget my heart monitor strap). A 35 minute session on the elliptical with a 5 minute cool down was the time and when I was done, 607 calories. I had an average BPM of 132 and a max of 151. Not great numbers but as long as I string some sessions together, it will be alright.

Fringe and a spin tonight… Only time will tell.


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