Do I Really Care?

Kind of a pessimistic title don’t you think? The answer is just a general what do I feel kind of thing. Do I really want to go through all of this pain and effort to drop weight to get healthy (among other reasons)? Well the honest answer is, I don’t know. So I guess until I can figure that out, I guess there is no course but to ‘keep on, keeping on’. A little off beat I do understand, but now that’s out of the way let’s get back to our regularly scheduled program.

After the purge this weekend, I am feeling better about some things, but not sure the direction I’m headed. This could be fun. I got home tonight (knowing that I had to work out because I didn’t do anything this morning) and I didn’t feel like doing sweet F$*k all. I cooked up some dinner, nothing fancy, but moderately healthy and caught up on some geek-ware. Once that was done, I felt the need to watch Al Pacino’s speech in Scent of a Woman. After that, checked out Pacino winning the Oscar for Scent of a Woman. Then I moved on to Cuba Gooding JR’s acceptance speech when he won for Jerry McGuire. Detecting a trend yet?

Well after all that slacking was done, I figured why not try and be productive and bang out a few Km’s. I flipped on Castle and started tonight’s delayed session. It started off fairly painfully as for some reason I’m still having issues with my calves and my knee is less than 100%. Pissing and moaning aside, I finished the episode (42 minutes) and decided I should keep pushing to 45 minutes. Once I got there, I figured why not round up to the next Km. So all said and done, 25.02Km ride in 46 minutes and some change. The average BPMs were a bit high (158) and the max was 165. I know, high, but what are you going to do. The average RPMs were 90 which means I hit that right on the money.

What followed was a quick stretching session for the legs and a banana, chocolate and summer fruit protein shake to help build some lean muscle while I sleep.

Off to bed. Goodnight,


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