Hump Day and Early

That’s right kiddies, the sun is not above the yardarm and I have already been on Spritz for a early morning spinning session. Before I continue though, I have to go give credit where it’s due… Wardo mucho gracias for the unintentional kick in the pantaloons. What’s did she do? Tweeted. Plain, simple and chirpy. I woke up this morning with no desire to work out. I was making excuses and just about to pack it in when I checked my phone and saw the following.

@Wardy_Kris Ward
Crap… I just remembered that I have a 50K bike in a month… This won’t be pretty
6 hours ago

She is absolutely correct, less than a month until the Ride for Heart. ! month and one week till we hit the Gardiner and DVP for a 50 km ride. While I am not really worried about being able to complete the distance this year (last year was cut to 25KM because of the knee injury), you can’t just do it cold turkey. Well done Wardo, get the wheels spinning so you can keep up to me when we break away from the pack and put the hammer down.

Once I sucked it up and got going, I was feeling a little tired and figured I would only do 30 minutes. It was tough and I was roasting very slowly (I was sweating profusely) and really didn’t want to go on. It’s a good thing I had Blue Bloods on, because that was motivation to keep going. Figured I would stretch it to 35 minutes just to make it worthwhile. I didn’t climb off the bike until the clock read 40 MINUTES!

With a good clip going I managed an average cadence of 91 RPM and a 147 BPM, I had lots of spin, but not a whole lot of resistance. When I hopped off the bike, the ODO read 21.64KM travelled (not bad for a Wednesday morning).

I’m thinking that before I head over to Hammer’s tonight I will hit the treadmill or the Elliptical, but I’m gonna call this optional.


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