Last Game of the Season

Well it’s Saturday and I’m in Brantford for the series finale. We got to the field a bit early for some warm-ups (and by warm-ups I mean we threw the ball around and acted silly). It’s a really good group of folks and the games are always a lot of fun. For the first time in a couple of seasons playing, I’ve made it through with no major injuries (which for me is always a big plus).

The first play right out of the chute was a deep post pattern that would have been a sweet completion had Ross not thrown up the hail Mary flail and gotten the pass defended. Dammit Ross. The rest of the game while, not as dramatic, was a lot of fun. A couple passes for TD and a couple caught and a pick in the endzone. Sweet tickets.

The play of the game belonged to the little French girl who went streaking up the sideline. I came from across the field and made a diving attempt for the flag. Fail. Actually Epic Fail. As I went down, I tweaked my knee (so much for no injuries) and my hip. It wasn’t bad, but I did notice it. At the after party I was in considerable discomfort. In fact I felt like a 90 year old man for the evening and most of Mother’s Day.

Let’s hope this is just temporary…


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