Well the week didn’t go as planned…

Well we haven’t talked since Tuesday and for that I apologize. Wednesday night we had a boys night making healthy pizzas and watching the Leaf game. Then Thursday, I met up with Dan (my real estate agent) and we went for a very nice dinner at Milestone’s. Well needless to say, each of those nights did not end up with working out… Friday was a bit of a drama filled day as I had half of it off and pick up my bike. I recommend not trying to bring a bike on the subway at 3 pm.

All ended well and the bike got home and I got to Brantford…

Saturday morning dawns and Denis and I head to Shallow Creek Park for one of the few remaining BFL games left in the season. It was a glorious day. Absolutely stunning. 15 degrees Celsius, sunny and amazing. The crew got together on a field that was in really good shape. It was a bit soft, but not muddy or soupy. When Steve finally got to the field (I should have told him the game started Thursday), it was 4-on-4 and it was some fun running.

Considering this was my first game of 2011 and first game in a really long time, I feel I had a pretty good day. I threw 1 touchdown and caught 2 more. The problem I had this Saturday was grabbing and holding flags while tackling. There were at least 3 occasions where I had a shot at a ball carrier’s flag and didn’t come away with it. Brutal. There was also one really, really bad coverage that resulted in a poorly thrown ball being caught by Steve in the end zone. Double Brutal.

Overall for me it was a really good running day. I was able to ‘keep’ up with some quick folks and was good coming into and breaking out of turns. The hips were moving well and the ankles were feeling pretty good (and there were no sprains or strains) so it felt really good. Steve says I run angry, but he just doesn’t understand how much energy it takes to get this big body moving towards top speed (which actually happened a couple times).

There was a bit of Bocce during the evening and some heavy lifting (changing tires) on Sunday so I don’t think there will be anything until tomorrow.



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