Looks like BFL is on the Horizon…

Well so far April has been shaping up as a pretty decent month… We are 5 days in and I already have 50+ KMs under my belt. The key for me though is going to be broadening my workout horizons and working some jogging and P90x exercises in to keep me body guessing. I was also looking at getting another gym membership, but after doing the math and with ball season quickly approaching, I just don’t think it’s going to be in the cards. Just for the record though, this may be my last year if ball as some (Hammer I’m looking at you) feel that it puts undue stress on my body.

The bet has been made, no hockey, no ball…

Let’s get this blog entry back on track… now about tonight’s session. I got on the spinner, threw on an episode of Castle and started spinning away on a slightly shorter time than last night. Once I got going, the hips were a bit tight, but the ankles and calves felt pretty good. The total time was just under 43 minutes at an average cadence of 92 RPMs. When it was all said and done my average BPM were 150 with a high value of 162. It’s funny how much that fluctuates based on the tension and the stiffness in my legs. I usually start off with a high resistance to get the heart rate up and then gradually decrease it as my heart rate goes up until I get in the zone.

The rest of the training for the week will hopefully be YogaX tomorrow, spinning Thursday morning and a visit to Brantford for some football. Now Dr. Spin doesn’t feel 100% about me playing football, but the field should be pretty soft so the ankles won’t get to cranky and I promise to warm up slowly and do some stretching when we get done playing. It’s been a while since I made the trip and I have been disappointed with the fitness level which has decreased every trip to the B.

Before I shut down for tonight I will finish up with cool down session, the standard 8. Calves, Hamstrings, Quads and Hip Flexors. Shockingly there was actually a stretch today.

Good night all,


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