That’s the problem with Footie…

So it’s been a couple of days since the last posting, but there is a reason. BFL. I love playing football and given my glowing review of the field there were no injuries, but the drawback is all the stopping, starting and twisting does leave the body a bit sore. Add to that the monster pit crew session on the Red Rocket that Denis and I had (thanks again Denis) while trying to beat the awful weather that hit the KW area and you have a body that doesn’t want to participate. Stiff hamstrings, tight quads and stiff legs in general… great.

But, Tuesday is another day…

I got home from work and really didn’t want to, but about 8:30pm after watching a little bit of Kill Bill, I started to feel guilty about not working out so I got dressed and hopped on Spritz. 50 minutes on the bike, watching an episode of Castle and hammering away at an average of 91 RPM. Good times had all around… Anyone sense the sarcasm? It was a little tough to get going and to be honest I did feel a bit guilty about not going out on the Radon, but I’m waiting for the winter to be washed of the road. More on that in a second.

So while I was pounding the pedals, it actually took a bit of time to get the old heart rate up but I didn’t manage to peg the HR monitor. I averaged 152 BPM for the length of the ride, but I did have to feather the resistance a lot for this ride. On a side note I did have to do some repairs on the flywheel because one of the bolts was loose. I have to get the pace up a bit if I’m going to start running.

Now for a little Radon related news, anyone in Kitchener next Saturday is welcome to join me for a little 45KM ride to break in the new bike. Back roads to Paris (almost and back through Manheim. Should be fun and only take about 1hr and 45 mins.

See you soon,


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