Let’s Talk Math…

So before we start, let me ask a question. If a person has negative desire to workout and you take the square root of that, does the working out become imaginary (instead of doing it). It has been tough sledding the last two days, I just haven’t had any desire to roll out of bed and hop on the bike. I spoke to someone at work today and she is having the same problem… Seems that working out in the morning is way harder than you would think (but somehow you still have to find a way to do it… JT, looking at you).

I got home from work tonight and felt pretty guilty about not having done anything last night. I cooked up some dinner and hummed and hawed about what I was going to do. Well, clearly, there was a tweet and a posting so I managed to dig deep and hop on the bike. It didn’t start off so well. I had just hopped on Spritz when he blew a chain… FACK! Well I know how to fix that now, pull out the tools, take of the casing and try not to lose a finger. Now back to it.

I threw on an episode of Blue Bloods (damn, have I mentioned how good that show is? Too bad the season is almost over) and started hammering the pedals. Once I got started and in the groove, man it was sweet sailing. I had a great pace going and the only trouble I was having was keeping my heart rate down. There were a couple of spots where it was way too high…

Got all the way through the episode and was still feeling really good so I pushed for another 20 minutes. Total ride time was one hour and the distance covered was a paltry 32.04 KMs. My average BPM was 157 and the max was 179 (Yikes! I know that it was crazy high, but I’m not 100% sure it was a valid reading). When it was all said and done I hit the magic 90 RPM too. Good session.

Now, if I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow,


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