2nd Last BFL…

Well the Brantford Football Season is winding to a close (*sniff). After today, there are only 2 weeks left before they shut it down for the summer and the softball season. Today though, we played some FOO-BAALLLL. This might have been one of the best games I’ve ever been a part of, balanced teams, high scoring and a tie on the last play of the game… Classic.

Woke up this morning (after the ride yesterday), and my back was not happy about sleeping in Kitchener. Sucked it up, had some breakfast and got on the road to Brantford. Picked up D-Money and met the folks at Shallow Creek Park to warm up. Wow, it was not pretty. Lost nachos on a wobble ball and could not throw a spiral if my life depended on it. Ugly.

Game time. I get elected QB for my team and suddenly I can do no wrong. Completion after completion and 2 TD passes on the opening 2 drives (nice!). We decided to switch it up and the offence started to sputter, coming in fits and gasps as everyone, including me started having problems. I threw a pick, and the boys threw some too. We were down 2 and had to claw our way back into it. I made a stellar catch in the back of the endzone to tie it, but we went down 1 with 1 drive to go.

Queue the comeback. We marched down the field and James and I had some magic happening. Motion before the snap, C route to the corner, ball just inside the pylon (delivered by yours truly) and James making a great catch. Tie GAME!

It was a good running day. Didn’t have any leg issues, no ankle problems and was able to go full out for most of the day. That’s a promising sign. Hopefully it’s a positive sign of things to come.

Happy Easter!


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