P90X Day 4

I don’t even know why I bother attempting to do Yoga X. What a stupid freaking program. I’m not saying that the concept of yoga isn’t good, I’m just saying that my body was not designed to do yoga. I am not flexible. My ankles cannot handle the single leg activities. My arms cannot handle downward dog into ashtunga sun salutations. I just don’t work that way.

I also have an issue with the philosophy of yoga, but maybe that’s because I can’t do it. You are supposed to have a calm clear mind. You are supposed to live in the moment. Live in this breath. Well can someone please explain to me how in the sweet name of crap are you supposed to do all that while you are worried about falling face first into your yoga mat or bouncing your head of a spin bike because you’ve lost your balance.

I understand that I am not in what would be called pristine physical condition, but I really don’t need some sculpted male dancer/trainer who can do a standing leg extension with a toe lock to make me feel unworthy. Just because you’re abs have abs doesn’t mean that’s what everyone needs to have.

Let’s talk about the workout, it is the longest of the P90X series clocking in at 1hr 38min. I had some issues with the early part of the workout as my arms and shoulders are still gassed from Day 1 and Day 3. There were a lot of poses that are single leg and that caused some issues with my ankles and my left knee (WTF left knee, what is going on). Of the whole workout I got about 49 minutes of Yoga time. Now please don’t think that I don’t see the benefits of this program because I do. There are some really good stretches and some really interesting moves.

I am going to try and make sure Day 5 happens but I’m not 100% sure the schedule is going to work because I’m going to help my sister with her new Mac. If it doesn’t work out, I will use tomorrow as my rest day.


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