P90X Day 3

Well it’s Day 3 of P90X and I officially am a bag of toys. How did it come to this? How did I become so week that the average 4 year old could kick my a$$? Really, based on how I’m feeling right now (and yes there is an incredible amount of pain… Not the you should stop pain, but the ‘you don’t have any muscles and now they are working’ pain).

Let’s jump ahead to the warm-up, nothing crazy, just light running in place. Queue the left knee and the explosion of pain! What the hell? The only knee issues I’m supposed to have are on the right side… you know where I damaged it playing ball last year. OK, there was the one issue jogging to my car when I guess I stepped wrong, but that was far from anything. So now I’m paranoid, but I’m no9t quitting and falling victim to the say old say old in the life of Bernie. Just for those of you who don’t follow the program regularly, but every time I start getting healthy (especially when I get on a roll, something always happens. Broken hand, torn up knee or my personal favourite the friggin ankle sisters).

Now the Day 3 series is all about shoulders, biceps and triceps and considering this is the general area where everything hurts I did have my reservations. Now the only dumbbells I have are 30 pounders, but I do have the 12KG kettlebell and the bands. So into the workout I went head first. As I got into it with the 30’s I realized that if I continued to push ahead with my ego, I was going to do more damage than good. So I switched it up and worked the kettlebell and the bands into it… WHAT A GREAT IDEA! It was a great workout for the upper body once my arms and chest got loosened up. Once I was finished though, I was gassed and I’m making an executive decision of no Ab-Ripper X for the week.

So with the commitment to P90X and with March being a crazy busy month it’s looking more and more like I won’t be headed to Brantford to play football. It also means that I need to find time to get on Spritz to keep in shape. I need to drop some more weight in order to be ready for the Duathlon in September.

See you on Day 4,


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