P90X Day 5 (Timeline +1)

Hello Bloggies I am back! Now the P90X timeline is a little skewed already. It’s not badly off and I understand that with the life I live, finding time to workout for 90 consecutive days is a little unreasonable. So Friday I left from work and went to visit Susie in Burlington and proceeded to visit IKEA, build a glass cabinet and setup her new MacBook Pro. It took forever, let me tell you and if you count the 6 hours sleep I managed to get, the job still wasn’t completed until 10 am Saturday morning.

Now Saturday evening I had the boys coming to visit and by the time I got home in the morning with the intention of working out. By the time I got home however and had Casa de Chocolate ready to receive visitors (oh, and by the time I had showered and shaved) it was arrival time. There was NO time. With the time change and the fact that after visiting Burrito Boys (for the first time ever) I rolled in at 5am working out Sunday did not look promising.


I have a workout buddy and because of that I had to do something. I worked out Legs and Back as per Day 5 of P90X and was contemplating doing Day 6 but realized that I would not be able to do 2 back to back sessions. So I hunkered down, threw in the DVD and got right at it. It was hard on the body because of all the lunges and the ankle issues, but I did my best and went at. The pull-ups were hard, but again I used the box and worked my way through it.

When all the dust settles and if I use my rest day on either Thursday or Friday, then I’m only 1 day off schedule. I am thinking of not making up that day and just letting it work itself out. I will be attempting to introduce some spinning in the mornings in order to get my cardio back up. Hopefully that will ramp up the weight loss and get me on the path.

Until Monday night,


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