P90X Day 2

Holy crap people I forgot how much Day 1 hurts. My triceps, biceps and lats are screaming bloody murder. I mean my body is so pissed that I found a note next to my bed this morning when I woke up. It was short and to the point and appears as follows:

Dear P90X,
I don’t like you. You are a jerk. Piss off and Die.
Bernie’s Body

Fast forward to Day 2. My cousin Mark had some trouble with his DVD player so he didn’t start last night, but has a replacement and is starting again. So I got home from work tonight with the plan of keeping up with the program, but I really didn’t want too. It’s good to have a training partner because it helps to keep you motivated and on the roll. So after watching a couple of episodes Top Gear (by the way, it is a great show, witty and very, very British).

Now the problem with Plyometrics is the fact that it is very high impact. That is good for burning a tonne of calories but is bad for knees and ankles. My knees have been irritating me the last couple weeks for no apparent reason and since a spin session last week, I have knots in my calf. I can’t figure out where the heck those came from, but they seem to be hanging around. I popped the DVD in and started the workout only to discover that there were low impact activities being shown that I had never noticed.

I hammered the Plyo series and it was intense. I had to skip two exercises, but I did everything else. It’s a little tough to do P90X in the condo but, there is just enough room. Two days down Eighty-Eight days left and hopefully I can keep on the straight and narrow path.

Bring on Day 3,


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