P90X Day 1

Yes Ladies and Gents, you read that right. P90X Day 1. I was going to start last week, but after my adjustment last Monday, I had trouble lifting my arms or doing anything else. I know there are some readers (Lisa’s, yes both of you) weren’t happy with the lack of reading material, but there was a good reason. So I was going to start this morning, but was really, really lazy. My cousin Mark rolls in and wants to do P90X, so we make a deal to motivate each other.

Queue Monday after work… Awesomeness in a condo. For the first time in over a year I had some quality time with Tony Horton and the people from Beach Body. Wow, it’s hard to believe that your arms and shoulders can hurt this much after a measly 52 minutes. Pull-ups, push-ups, more pull-ups and then guess what, more push-ups. What a freaking sadist. And he’s smiling and laughing the whole time… I can’t believe anyone can be that happy inflicting damage to themselves.

Now the interesting part will be continuing this process for 90 days. That is the hard part. It’s not really the workouts themselves because the body will get stronger and learn. It’s the requirement of doing it every day for 3 months. I haven’t been as diligent as I could be and having my cousin trying the program for the first time will be a great motivating tool. Tomorrow is Day 2 which means it’s the one-legged man and Plyometrics. I’m having some doubts about whether I should even attempt it based on my knees and ankles. I will cross that road tomorrow.

Now before I close off and curl into a ball to cry, 2 things. First I did not do the Ab-Ripper after the workout because I was dying. I did throw in a set of 75 situps on the ball just because I didn’t want my core to be left out. Second, I have some Ride for Heart news. I’m just over halfway to my goal of $1,250 so if you haven’t donated yet and would like to help a good cause, please click the graphic. I’m also waiting to hear about the Devinci CX from the show on Saturday and when the running starts I will be a Duathalon machine.



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