It’s All Connected… Who Knew…

Well here we are, March 1, 2011. 21 days until I cross a threshold. Lots of years behind and hopefully after all this work at least that many ahead. I was planning on starting P90X again to try and take my ‘reshaping’ to the next level. Little did I know that a double session with Dr. Spin and one of his RMTs would lead to a super shutdown. I have been having neck issues (yes Dr. Spin, it is probably due to how I am sleeping) so they have been working on… my triceps? That’s right, the issue goes from my neck, down the trapezius muscle, to the triceps, biceps tendon and ending at the forearm. Knots the size of golf balls.

Needless to say a can barely lift my arms right now.

Before all is lost though, I could feel one of my readers (a certain redhead perhaps) getting antsy for something to read. She hasn’t sent a message yet, but I can guarantee that if there wasn’t a posting tonight, I would have gotten something tomorrow morning.

So in order for the evening not to be a total write off, I put on Castle (part 2 of a 2 parter) and hopped on the Spritz 3.0. A 45 minute session at 88-92 RPM @ 153 BPM was a pretty good ride given the numbers, but I did run into some issues. About the 35 minute mark I started getting a cramp in my right calf and then 5 minutes later, not to be left out my left one started cramping 5 minutes later. Now that was something new, I have never cramped on a bike before… Disturbing. Once I stopped, I stretched out my hamstrings and calves for about 5 minutes and let me tell you… They were tight. 75 Sit-ups on the ball to finish off.

Check out the new widgets from Daily Mile. They are very cool and the site is a neat way to track your workouts. Trying to hit P90X tomorrow.


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