Just Keep Swimming…

Well how about that… a 2nd session of the day. Wardy arrived at Chez Chocolate after a harrowing day of getting BEZY (her Prius) repaired on the tire front. She was a little discombobulated when she arrived, but hopefully the swim got her straightened out (more on that later). She was training, I was swimming to keep her company and to get a little bit extra in today because I had a McDouble at lunch (basically a double cheeseburger with one piece of cheese).

We headed down to the pool area and got right to it… Right after Wardo forgot her license plate when signing in. Still discombobulated. She hammered away 100+ lengths, I did 22. So in a 10 metre pool that works out to a kilometre for Kris and 220 metres for me. I added 40 crunches in the pool and a session and then some stretching. Lots of lunges and movements to open up my hips and back.

After an issue regarding keys, the direction of the elevator and fact you can’t get to the parking structure from the stairs Kris made her exit. I’m passing on the early morning session, but I’m shooting for a late spin.

Happy Thursday.


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