Wait, it’s Monday…

Ok so the process is ongoing, but the results just aren’t showing. The only solution for that, besides visiting Dr. Bernstein is to work harder. Wait, how much is the shot from Bernstein? RELAX, I’m just kidding. It would be a cold day in hell before I take that step. I will re-double my efforts and then take it to the next level. Next level you ask? Well the food has been my downfall right now, so I need to be more diligent…and yes I will be.

So Monday night rolls around and I think to myself I could lay on the couch (good idea) or I can do something energetic. Well as appealing the first idea was, I actually did decide to do something useful. Well useful in the sense that it was healthy decision.

So I suited up for the first session on Spritz, who is now at version 3.0 thanks to the new Reebok seat that was finally installed on Saturday. So with an episode of Blue Bloods queued up I hopped on Spritz 3.0 and started pedaling away. A quick 45 minute session on the spinner and I was feeling pretty good. I hammered away at 88+ RPM at 148 BPM (see the numbers get better, then worse, then better again). Once I was off the bike 75 sit-ups on the ball and 15 decline push-ups. Not a huge session, but considering I wasn’t going to do anything, two big thumbs up.

So tomorrow morning the plan is to hit the condo gym for treadmill and elliptical and maybe some free weights. I’m going to attempt to find the unicorn, the 5 day work out week. Those are hard to do, but let’s give her the good ol’ college try.

See you tomorrow,


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