Popped My Cherry! Hey, Condo Gym Cherry!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, today id Friday, I’ve already blogged 3 times this week (Hope you’ve been enjoying LQ and LB) and you are getting a bonus! That’s right, a bonus blog entry and workout session from Beez. Now before you get excited, I did have some vodka last night and some chips. So needless to say when I woke up this morning I felt a tad bit like I owed my body.

So here’s the series of events…

I haven’t put the new seat on Spritzy yet (I know I’ve been a bit lazy) and after my conversation with my buddy tonight I realized that I have been paying for facilities that I haven’t been using to their fullest. Now part of the reason I haven’t been using the gym is that I don’t like working out with people. Now that may sound mean, but even when I worked out at Goodlife I never went after work because it was so busy. I want to go in, use my machines and get the hell out of there.

Fast forward to Friday at about 6:03am when I wake up and decide today is going to be the day. I roll out of bed, dig my gym shoes out of the bottom of the closet, manage to find my gym gloves (that I have been looking for 3 months) and I’m out the door. I get to the gym and there is nobody there. NOBODY. I hop on the treadmill to warm up and by the time I was done it was me, the old (50+) guy on the elliptical and the 3 old Asian ladies. I think I will be back.

So today’s session started with 10 minutes on the treadmill at a 3.5% incline for 130 calories. Hopped off to the elliptical for a 20 minute interval session for 303 calories and then finished it off with a session for the free weights. I didn’t realize how much I actually missed having dumbbells instead of kettlebells. I went with for a super set that was 15 reps @ 20lbs bicep curls, 15 reps @ 20lbs shoulder press, 15 reps @ 20lbs bicep curls and then 15 reps @ 20lbs shoulder press. All done without setting down the weights.

Raptors game tonight and Rankin coming to visit so there will probably be a lot of restaurant food. I think I will be trying for one session this weekend. No guarantees.


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