TGIF and Thank You

So first off let me thank you, my loyal blog followers, because honestly there wasn’t a bone in my body that wanted to get up this morning. Spanky visited last night and we ordered some pizza and watched Tron (I can’t believe he had never seen it) and now I hope Tron: Legacy makes a little more sense. Needless to say that once the movie was over (and after part 4 of the History of Metal), I wanted to do nothing but crawl into bed and sleep (it should be noted that I have been fighting a sore throat and possible cold… Thanks to Steve and the penalty shots).

Alarm goes off… Bernie rolls over hits snooze. Radio comes on, Bernie listens to the weather and traffic of the morning. Bernie starts to feel guilty. He’s awake and it’s early, he didn’t bike Thursday and with Motionball Gala (and the free vodka) it’s unlikely that he will do it tonight. He gets up, gets dressed and starts spinning. He finishes, has breakfast, blogs and will now stop talking in the third person.

This morning’s session was a 42 minute session (which started slow 77-81 RPM, but got to the normal 85-89 RPM) @ an ideal 149 BPM. The numbers must be good because I was being very conscious about breathing and RPMs. My usual MO is to start off at a higher resistance in order to get my heart rate up while maintaining the correct RPMs and then gradually reduce the tension until I’m in the heart rate zone that was recommended to me by Dr. Spin. After the session was over I did a 75 set of situps on the ball and then some stretching (and yes, I know I don’t stretch enough) to try and loosen things up.

On the body side, my back is finally starting to feel better from the wipe-out and the ankles are finally back to their normal size and shape. I am seriously getting tired of these stupid little pins (ankles) not working the way they were designed. I know I’m not easy on them, but don’t they understand that in order to make them happy, I have to hurt them?

Anyways, happy Friday folks,


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