Everyone Who Doesn’t Want to Workout… Say Aye!

Wow. Not sure exactly how to sum up how much I didn’t want to do anything tonight. I’m not sure what the hell is going on with my body, but odds are (and with my luck) it’s not good. I have been back on the bike at least 3 days a week, eating moderately well and adding more and more exercises to the regime. Problem is I look in the mirror and feel like I’m looking worse and worse every time I turn around. I’m tired, parts are aching and generally I feel like a big bag of smashed @$$. Mom, that means ass.

I BBM’d (Mom, that’s Blackberry Messenger… Just like Windows Messenger) today that I was looking for some motivation because I wasn’t feeling it. Wait, let’s say that would be the understatement of the century. 2 Ladies, one from Kitchener and one relocated from Waterloo came through and got me on the bike. Actually its twice in the last 2 weeks she has either guilted or motivated me, although for some reason her blog has been strangely blank the last 4 days. Folks this is what the support system is for, a reason to make sure you meet those workout requirements.

I will digress here for a second and say “Congratulations” to my Mom who just purchased her first treadmill and is going back to Weight Watchers. Good for you!

So tonight, I hopped on Spritz v2 and we were on fire. 42 minutes hammering away at 88-90 RPMs and 150BPM which is a little high on the BPM but the key is that I was humming. I got caught up on Castle (very good show) and it was a good session all around. Once I hopped of the bike, 75 sit-ups on the ball, 45 twisting crunches on the ball with the 10lb ball and Holy Moses Batman, are those push ups? We are not done yet… 2×25 @ 12kg pull-ups just for giggles and that was the end of it.

Thanks kiddies… Have a good night…


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