Snow Day or Not a Snow Day… WTF?

So where the hell is the snow? The snow storm to end all snow storms, school cancelled for the first time in 12 years (When Mayor Mel called Ace and the Army). Well it sort of showed up, but not really. I ended up not working from home and driving to the big K at 9:35am. Some crazy stupid lady pulls out just after I passed her and wiped out the guy behind me. I think the dude managed to keep it out of the guardrail, not hit anyone else across 4 lanes and miss the guy head on coming up the Bayview ramp.

So for the, what 6th time in the last decade I called to OPP. Reported her plate and let them know that if there were any injuries, this was the cause. Needless to say, Bernard was not in a good head space for the remainder on the day… Sorry Boys…

Once that badness was over I came home and had some of the homemade stew I made yesterday. Even on day two it rocked (if I do say so myself). I watched a couple episodes of Hawaii Five-0 (the new one, not the old one and its pretty good. Especially James Caan’s son, that dude is friggin hilarious). After I relaxed for a bit, I worked on a VPN phone project and managed to get my work laptop back online (Yes ladies and gents I geeked it up).

Here’s where the motivation (and Blue Bloods) kicked in. I didn’t want to spin. I didn’t feel like spinning. Thing is I got on Spritz v2 and I started pedalling. It sucked, but I did it. A 40 minute session on the bike between 84-87 RPM @ 152 BPM. See, the numbers do get better. It was a tough session and a really good episode, damn Selleck’s moustache is MIGHTY. After that it was 75 on the ball, 10 bicep curls @ 12kg, 15 shoulder presses @ 12kg and 90 twisting crunches with the 10lb ball on the ball. Wow. There’s a mouthful of activity right there.

Thursday awaits kiddies, good night.


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