Snowmageddon Cometh!!

I’m not even sure I can accurately describe how much I didn’t want to do anything. My body still hurts from the Thursday fiasco (See Disaster @ Blue) and it certainly didn’t want to hop, skip or spin. My ribs and back still hurt from a wipe-out that I can’t even remember. All I can say is Thank God for Blue Bloods, because I had two episodes on deck and a burning desire to get caught up.

Cue up Spritz Version 2.0…

This was the first ride since the installation of new cycling computer. It’s pretty good, lets me focus on breathing and heart rate. I hammered away for a small(er) session since it’s the first one in a while. 40 minutes on the bike, between 82-90 RPM and 154 BPM. The numbers are not so great, but they will improve. As I promised earlier in the blog, I will be doing a Duathalon sometime this year and the Becel Ride for Heart. Listed at the bottom of the blog will be a link if you are interested in sponsoring me, any help will be appreciated.

After the spin session with Spritz I hit the ball for a session of 75 sit-ups on the ball and 2 sets of 25 pullups @ 12KG. I’m not sure how I can up the program I’m on, because I have been monitoring my food intake, but I have been slipping on portion size and stupid kryptonite chips at lunch. Once I figure out how to fix this I will be able to accelerate my results. The last resort is to bite the bullet and hit the gym (which means buying a membership again), but I don’t want it to have to come to that with Spring and Summer coming.



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