Friday on the Mountain

A nice little Friday at Blue.

We got out this morning just before 930am and hit the hill. It’s the first attempt on the board since yesterday’s crash. My body is still very sore and when I get back to Toronto I think Dr. Spin and I will be having a serious Chiro session. My back and ribs are flaring up and seem to be having a party with my surgically repaired left ankle and the giant knot I have developed in my right quadriceps.

We got out on the hill and started some serious boarding. I made it down a creeper trail for the first time without having to unbuckle (now that doesn’t sound like much, but baby steps here). We worked our way from Silver Bullet to Southern Comfort and made some sweet runs down my favorite slope. The body still seemed to be fighting me, but I had a lot of fun (and it’s surprising how much easier the day is when you aren’t spending it peeling yourself off the snow).

Now before I go into the finish of this blog, I have to pick on the Hammer for a bit because this was one of my favorite moments of the day. As I’m still a ‘new’ boarder, I take advice from wherever I can get it. Hammer was talking to me about being flat (board not on the edges as you come down the hill) during my transitions from heel-side to toe-side (and vice versa). We were coming up to a drop off and he was providing ‘correction’ when he caught an edge and proceeded to crash AMAZINGLY! It was so good he had snow inside his goggles.

I took a run off because my body is tired and Denis, Rick and Hammer never came back… *SNIFF*… That was ok though, because Jim showed up and we headed up for a couple more runs. We had some good speed and no wipeouts! Problem was it was starting to get really busy and I still was having body issues. I sent Jim off on his own and I headed back to Home Base for more self-medication (Aleve).

There is the idea of trying to go out again tonight, but we’ll see…


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