That Was Easy… Not..

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I did not want to get out of bed. BUT, because I said that I would yesterday, I had to peel myself out of my nice warm bed, and get on the bike. Trust me, I am really not happy about that. I should have not said a word. It seems that guilt will make a person do a lot of crazy things, especially when they don’t want too.

Before we get into what the session was, let’s give you some spinning related news. So I have been having issues with the seat on the old Spritz-meister. Along the right side of the seat the plastic or vinyl shell has cracked and while I’m sitting on the bike the metal under structure pokes through and spears me in the leg. Not comfy. Well I gave the folks I bought it from a call and they delivered a new seat for me the very next day. So a big ‘Thank You’ to Service Solutions.

So today’s session was strictly spinning because even though I got up, I did not get up on time. It took me about 20 minutes to get pissed at myself and drag myself out of bed. Once I did it was a 41 minute session that did not start out very fast. High 70’s to low 80’s for the first 5 minutes. I seriously could not get my legs moving. Painful. After that, it got back to where it was supposed to be, 85-91 RPMs @ 151BPM. Peeled myself of the bike and that was the end of it, just a bit of stretching to loosen up the hammies.

Banana Strawberry Smoothie in my future…


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