Traffic Jams and Treadmills?

Well lookie, lookie… Beez is up on time (well, ok 10 minutes late) and headed to get dressed, get my accessories and get down to the gym. When I get there, it’s complete and utter chaos… People everywhere. WTF? Well there is a happy side, because I slide in and find an elliptical free… Whew.

So I hop on the treadmill and let me tell you it was a stretch to get up there. It’s like my body was saying, “Bernie, let’s be honest here. We can grow to like the shape we’re in. We can sleep late, eat all the food you like and generally have a very comfortable life”. Really? Body, that’s your idea? Bite me. Up on the machine, interval program, Eminem and we were off.

So the program lasted 40 minutes and it was a tough one. My knees (yes, both of them) started aching, not terribly but enough that I understood the message from the Body, “I am not happy“. Again, Bite Me. 617.3 calories burned during the session and then upstairs to the Casa to do some arm work. 3 sets of 20 reps at 12KG of standing pull-ups.

I`m scheduled to have a swim session with K-Dub tonight for a swim session,


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