Thrill on the Hill

Thrill on the Hill has commenced!

The yearly ‘ritual’ on the boys riding the slopes of Blue Mountain has started. It was an early riding day, but not as early as I thought. I haven’t been doing anything since Sunday due to some injury issues that occurred after BFL. I woke up on Sunday morning and my left ankle was HUGE, it was sore and it sucked. I was hitting the Muscle Care like it was going out of style. I woke up Wednesday morning and it still wasn’t great (and I started watching a couple of episodes of Castle) and was a little late getting out and up to the mountain.

Once there however…

We met up at Jozo’s after I picked up my pass, had a beer and a meatball and then hit the slopes. The first run was not pretty. It took a little bit of time to get the legs remembering how to get moving down the hill. This is where the issues started. The ankle was not excited about the torque that was being applied to it. Then disaster struck. We were choosing a slope and Denis put me in charge. I see a sign pointing out a ‘Blue’ and figure it will be a nice run… WRONG… Guess where the moguls are now. That was the worst run ever, including a 60 foot stretch of sliding down the mountain head first. I wish there was video of that. Problem was I jammed my right thumb trying to recover from a fall and it is swollen and sore.

All in all it was a good day on the slopes and the body is pretty tired. I hit the tub for 45 minutes and the body felt nice and loose. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.


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