Disaster @ Blue

Houston we have a problem…

First run on Thursday morning…

Coming down a run off of Silver Bullet and about three quarters of the way down when I went down. No idea how. No idea what caused it, but I think I’m about 75% sure I was in heel-side. I was moving at a pretty good clip when I lost it and I went down hard on my right side. My back took the brunt of the blow, I was having trouble breathing and my head was ringing (may or may not have bounced it off the hill). I managed to get to the bottom, but it was a struggle. I told the boys to go without me for a run and I took a seat. When they got back, I knew I was done for the day. I couldn’t sit up and I couldn’t get a full breath (oh, and I had a screaming headache).

I headed back to home base and popped two Aleve to see if I could loosen it up. My back is pretty tight from about mid-butt cheek on the right to just below my shoulder. My ribs hurt and it hurts to twist or breathe deep. This sucks because it makes boarding very difficult.

Let’s see how Friday goes,


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