A Little BFL Anyone?

Saturday is GAME TIME. Well it’s normally 9:30am game time, but this week in the BFL it was a late start (with no half against a team of over energetic kids). It was fun to finally be able to make my 2011 Brantford Football League debut after weather derailed my outing two weeks ago. I made the trip this week and was without my normal playmate Denis (who had something better to do… clearly) for the games.

Here’s how it broke down…

It was Cold. Check. It was clear. Check. There was a bunch of snow. Double check. The park was in pretty good condition, given that it is January in the Snow Belt. While the snow wasn’t crazy deep, it was deep enough that you really had to work to get moving and had to be really careful coming out of your breaks. I went down a couple of times (to soft landings) when I tried to jam on the breaks or make a hard cut (feet just kept going).

Overall I wasn’t anywhere near the form I was in towards the later part of last year. I feel labored in my running and didn’t have the get up and go. That being said I still scored 3 touchdowns and threw 2 more (and I just missed a sweet interception). It was good to be out running again because lately it’s been a bunch of pedaling on the Spritz.

Side Note: Finally got the cadence installed and it should make the spin sessions a lot easier. I’m in Kitchener for Phat Boy Fiesta tomorrow and the key is going to be portion control and food management. I hope I can do it.

Good Night!


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