Thursdays – Fun = Work Day

Good Morning Bloggies!!

What’s good about it? Well, the fact you woke up and get to experience this wonderful day isn’t enough? Well I’ve got something that should brighten it up for you… TRON Legacy. How can the sequel of a movie that came out in the eighties possibly make me feel warm and sunny on the inside. Well, in the great scheme that makes up Beezers life, he planned on seeing the movie (finally) tonight with Spanky Bartok jr. Trouble with that plan is that it would involve skipping the evening spin session with Spritz.


This morning, only a little behind the optimum wake-up time I dragged myself from the comfy confines of my warm bed, threw on the gear and had a 40 minute session with Spritz. 40 minutes, first thing in the morning, surely not. Well my friends it is true. A session between 82 and 86 RPM and a BPM of 148. I find it interesting that the heart rate fluctuates as much as it does while the range tends to be the same. I didn’t have any extras after the session because work awaits and a shower is needed.

Have a great Thursday,


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