Keg Dinner and Half Portions – WTF

Danno, this blog posting is dedicated to you. I’m sure you thought I was full of the ol’ crappola when I told you that I was going to come home from dinner and workout. Well paisan, after my first ever trip to the Keg (don’t act shocked, it really was my first Keg experience. Now that’s not to say I’ve never had Keg steaks… 1 of the 5 best steaks I ever had was a Keg steak, acquired by Michelle and BBQ’d to perfection by Steve, but I digress. Oh and the little burger sliders, had those one time after a hockey game, but this was my first time for dinner). First thing that happened when my meal arrived is that everything got cut in half. PORTION CONTROL. I know, I couldn’t believe my will power either. Ok, I did eat three quarters of the dinner roll with butter, but c’mon…

Steak and meal overall… I can see why they are highly rated. The steak was brilliant, not top 5, but I would definitely go back.

After making the journey back to the proper side of Sheppard Ave., I stared at the bike for a bit and fought the urge to curl up on the couch and do absolutely nothing. The trouble with me is I’m having trouble starting the workout, once I get going it’s all good in the hood. Now technically I still need a minor repair to the old Spritz-meister, but he’s in good enough condition to get along. I started up an episode of Bluebloods (which I have been saving for my spin sessions) and started going. Little side note: I forgot how good the show is. Tom Selleck is Awesome (and his moustache is very mighty) and the whole cast is great. If you haven’t started watching it yet, get it on demand…

Back to the session… Only problem with Bluebloods is the show length varies between 41 and 44 minutes, which sometimes (like tonight) means I have to cool down staring at a blank screen. It’s amazing how much more difficult it is when you aren’t distracted. 45 minutes on the bike with the normal RPM range of 80-90 (and yes I’m still waiting for my cadence sensor… Braun’s, you are making me angry) and a heart rate that was high tonight (probably because I was full of steak). Once I hopped down I threw in a quick set of 50 situps on the exercise ball. This is going to be something I will be trying to do more often to engage other parts of my body and hopefully take my training to a higher level.

This leads me into last night’s post. Honesty is one of the things you are going to get reading about this long process. I wasn’t in a good headspace last night and a whole lot of venting needed to leave. Actually it could be the fact that none of my family are on the same continent as me right now. Weird. Now it seems odd that I would choose to vent in such a public place, but when it all comes down to it I have nothing to hide (well, ok, everyone hides something. I’m not hiding anything big) and I figure I won’t be running for public office. Dr. Spin and I will be chatting next week about a possible plan to make blogging and exercise a more widespread thing and maybe provide a means of support, but we are still batting ideas around.

Hope Everyone has a good night,


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