Hat Trick…

So I was supposed to go out for $3.99 drinks at Shoeless Joe’s but my buddy is sick. So instead of something fun I got to clean the condo and hop on the bike. Yeah that’s a fair trade. Fair if you’re George Steinbrenner and the New York Yankees. In my books this would be the opposite of a fair trade.

So after spritzing up the condo I got to hop on Spritz and work out. It was a fun session, 45 minutes at 84-90 RPMs with 154 BPM. Now this is a little alarming, because without the my standard setup I’m having a little trouble keeping the heart rate in Dr. Spin’s range. I don’t know what it is the last two sessions, but it has been a bit high. After my ride I hit the ball for 50 situps and then followed it up with 10 bicep curls @ 12kg and 25 upright rows @ 12kg. These totals don’t sound like a whole lot, but considering I haven’t been doing much of anything up until now, this is a big step.

I will be trying to get back into the P90X over the coming weeks, but that program is a serious commitment between mind and body. It is a serious, serious workout program and the results are amazing.

For those following the blog I know it’s been a little hit and miss over the last little while, but I will be doing my best to give you stuff to read on a more frequent basis. For those keeping track I would also recommend joining twitter to follow me (but lock your account down so you don’t get the annoying SPAM messages) because I will ‘tweet’ when I workout. This will allow you to be able to check out the blog.



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