Is That Routine I See?

Some people say the hard part of routine is getting into it. I disagree whole-heartedly. The hard part about routine is staying in the routine once it’s started, especially when you are doing something that you really don’t ‘love’ to do, but is something you have to do. Take exercise for example, I don’t mind doing, heck, I may actually enjoy doing it once in a while, but my body ‘needs’ me to do it every day.

So let’s look at this Thursday morning, the alarm goes off and I have to decide am I going to roll over or get up. Now interesting side note on this: This is Day 2 of my new sleeping arrangement. I got rid of some pillows to try and alleviate some of the shoulder and neck pain that I was experiencing. Woke up, looked around and felt REALLY good. I’m wondering how long that will last, but while it does, YEE HAW!!

So this morning Spritz and I got together and my goal is to stretch my rides by a little bit more every day until I get back to my standard ride time of one hour. The only issue I can see with this goal is that the TV shows I have been watching are only 43 minutes (when you remove the commercials). Ah well, I guess there are always worse problems to have. BTW if anyone is looking to buy a Xmas present for me, the Sigma 1606L Bike Computer with Cadence (Sigma 1606L) would be a great idea. $50 at Braun’s. Just saying.

Well Ladies and Gents, time to start the morning. You may now begin your regularly scheduled programming.


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