Aren’t Fridays Supposed To Be Fun??

So, this is why I keep writing this ‘stupid’ (said with love) blog. Why I keep telling people things I wouldn’t normally make public. And this is why I post it on the internet. Days like today. I woke up on this lovely Friday, after having gone to bed early. I had no, repeat ZERO, nix, nada, no how desire to drag myself out of bed. I would have been quite content to roll over, hit snooze and sleep until 7:25AM.


I dragged myself out of bed and Spritz and I started pounding away, because i know that while my reader list isn’t long, you WANT something to read. Now I did get a late start and was only planning to do a 30 minute session. I put on Blue Bloods (Great Show) and off I went, peddling like a madman and going precisely nowhere. As I reached the 30 minute mark, I ‘said’ c’mon you can do another five minutes. OK, keep going, 80-90 RPM (I really need to by that cadence sensor), five minutes. Well the five minutes came and Blue Bloods wasn’t over, well it’s only another five minutes. OK, hunker down, five more minutes.

Long and the short of it, from a day where waking up was not high on the priority list, back to back 40 minute sessions is the end result. I still have lots of work to do before I get near where I want to be, but the journey of a thousand miles, blah, blah, blah. I did make a couple decisions though, for my 35th birthday I will be buying a road bike (March 5, 2011 Toronto Bike Show), Thrill on the Hill will be boarding to Blue Mountain in January and next May (2011) I want to go to France.

Hope Everyone is well and the weekend is good for you!


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