Can You Say Adjustment???

So I could give you a laundry list of excuses as to why I haven’t done anything since the 1st, but I won’t. I have uber unmotivated and have let a bunch of nagging injuries keep me from doing anything. I have been in need of an adjustment, but had to put off my appointment because Dr. Spin was out of town. When I finally did see him and after he swore, he worked on my legs and my neck. He then explained that I needed to go into a medical textbook because of what I had going on.

As you read this press the inside portion of your collarbone. Now imagine excruciating pain from there to the outside of your shoulder/arm. I explained to him that my shoulders had been sore along with my right elbow. He starts looking at the elbow draws my attention to something out the window and while I’m distracted he cracks it. REFEIF! My shoulder and neck pain disappear in a flash. He explains that my elbow had been causing everything to fire all the way to my neck.

It is of course because of how I’ve been sleeping, but Thank the Good Dude that Dr. Spin treats the cause of the issue and not the source of the pain.

So I was adjusted Monday and didn’t spin, wanting to enjoy the lack of pain. I talked myself out of it Tuesday morning because my bed was nice and warm and Tuesday night on the condition I do it Wednesday. Well woke up this morning and hummed and hawed about it, but the stern voice of Bernie finally overcame and 35 minutes later, my punishment for the day was done. It’s remarkable that once I start, I feel like I could go on for hours, but don’t have the time. I’m going to try and increase my time over the next couple of sessions to see if I can back to where I want to be.

Also for you cycling enthusiasts, write this down. May 2012 I am going to France for a luxury vacation to cycle a part of the Tour de France (Dr. Spin’s Tour de France). Join me. They measure you here and have a custom bike when you land, 5+ star private estate, teams in vans that bring food, water and mechanics. Start saving your pennies.


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