How long is a Length?

Ok, so really how long is a length? The only reason I’m asking is because thanks to some MacBook repairs and a little vodka (thanks Jules) there was NO spinning this morning. Now that’s not to say that this is entirely Jules’ fault because while it takes two to tango (and no Beez does not tango… Maringa, yes, but no tango) it only takes one me to pull myself out of my ridiculously soft and warm bed.

I also seem to be nursing some injuries, some self inflicted (jammed fingers be damned) and others, well I’m not exactly sure. The outside of both my lower legs is extremely tight and very tender. If I were Spanky or Steve, I would be sure that I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis (trust, after reading webmd, I don’t want one of them) or something worse. Thanks to the internet though I think I have anterior compartment syndrome (Anterior Compartment Syndrome). Now I probably don’t have anything, but Dr. Spin had to cancel until next week so I guess I will have to wait until then.

But, I digress…

Back to the length. After finally getting moving after a many month delay I felt very… is guilty the right word? No. I felt very strongly that I had to do something. Queue the ‘ding’ sound and the light bulb going on. I would go for a swim. Now normally I splash around for a little bit an d then hit the hot tub, but that would not do today. So buckling down and using my very own modified backstroke, I proceeded to do 30 lengths. Ok, before you get all impressed, the pool is only 10 metres long. Well that works out to 300 metres.

Here’s where the excitement falls off. A standard length is 25 metres and an Olympic length is 50 metres. Well they don’t hand out gold medals at my condo’s pool so standard it is. DRUMROLL PLEASE! I completed 12 lengths today instead of spinning!! Woohoo!! Queue the ticker tape!! Light the fireworks!! No? Really? Not even a small one? OK, let’s just say I was active and we’ll leave it at that.

Have a good hump day,


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