Is That a Motivation Sighting??

That’s right folks, you heard it here first… I found the long lost motivation… Now let’s see if he stays.

It’s Tuesday morning here in a moist Toronto and I’m coming off a vacation day. Was in Buffalo on Sundays to watch the Bills lose another heart breaker in OT and while I didn’t do anything overtly stupid, I did drink a large quantity of American light beer. Thing is, I don’t feel guilty about it because be the time you factor in that I was standing for a period of 9 hours and the numerous trips up and down the stadium, I pretty sure I came out about even on the calorie scale.

That having been said (and cleaning and Xmas decorations aside) I was sore yesterday. How sore you ask? VERY. The knee on the right is brutal and I have some swelling (edema) around my right ankle. I have also discovered calf issues on BOTH legs, friggin marvellous. Thank the Good Dude that Dr. Spin will be having a go tonight and I sure hope he ate his Wheaties.

Now, here’s the important part. So I stayed up past my bedtime last night to watch my San Francisco 49ers play a do or die game on Monday night. When I went to bed things were awesome (in the form of a 27-6 4th quarter lead), when I woke up this morning I found out my starting running back is done for the year (but TG for Brian Westbrook). So anyway, I was not in jump out of bed kind of mood when the radio and then the alarm went off. I laid there for a bit and then with stern authority in my voice (and yes I did talk to myself), I yelled at my lazy ass to get out of bed and get on the bike.

35 minutes on the bike when you REALLY don’t want to be anywhere near it is an accomplishment. I hopped on and started pounding away at a 82-88 RPM pace which is on the higher end since I’ve been back at it. Only pinged the monitor once during the whole session so that has to be viewed as a positive. I think once I get my legs looked at it might be a bit easier for the rest of the week.

Happy Tuesday!


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