Happy Halloween!

Hello to the Blogsphere!!

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a while. Yes, I know I haven’t been diligent. Yes, I know I haven’t been motivated. Yes, I have packed on a wee bit of weight… I GET IT! Get your chunky butt moving again.

Well, sometimes that’s much easier to say then it is to actually do. For some reason I just don’t seem to be able to get myself moving. Now that’s not to say that I haven’t been ‘working up to it’. I have started (I’m in my third week) of getting up early and being at work minimum 1 hour early. This is the precursor to not only beating traffic, but to starting some kind of exercise regime. I just don’t know when or what yet, but I’m leaning towards P90X again. The only problem with P90 is the time commitment (and Day 2 Plyometrics), but other than that…

I will tell you that since my last post I have… done… not much. I DID go to Brantford on Saturday to play with the BFL in their weekly game of flag football. Thank heaven it has been getting better for me since that awful debut. I threw 3 TD passes and caught 2 more, but threw a brutal pick six and dropped another ball that hit me in the hands. I have no explanation for it, I can catch the most difficult passes imaginable, but I’ve been dropping the routine ones (made worse by the fact I was WIDE open).

But that’s not what I’m proud of this weekend…

On the pick six, I was the last defender back and Jim ran a slant to try and get around me. Sadly he was successful (he’s friggin quick for an older gent, well older than me), but I chased him… Ran as hard as I could. Could have given up at any point, but NO, I ran 45 yards just to show that I wouldn’t quit (and to make him run the whole way). Might not sound like much, but was a time not long ago where as soon as he would have had a step on me, I would have given up.

Hopefully TTYS,


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