Another Saturday BFL…

It’s week number two for Beez in the BFL after a week of absolute pain. I must have been crazy to start playing ball again, but I do love it and it’s a great workout for the legs, core and cardio.

In a nutshell (and please don’t think of Austin Powers shtick), this was my week. After BFL game one, a quick trip to Kitchener for Mr. And Mrs. Gregory’s 40th Wedding Anniversary and an evening of celebrating Denis’s birthday, I wasn’t feeling 100% when I woke up on Sunday morning for football. Stupidly it wasn’t what you would expect from the pain department… ankle, knee and muscles felt pretty good. Now, hips and back, well that is a whole other world of hurt. I don’t understand why they are so messed up, but I will be seeing Dr. Spin on the 20th and hopefully he can put me back into alignment. Bending over, straightening up and generally doing anything cause BRUTAL pain.

So, being a true glutton for punishment, I made the trip to Brantford on Turkey Weekend for another round. I made a point of stretching the hips and legs as best as I could and it was a much better game this week. For starters I figured out how to use my hands to catch a ball this week, hauling in two Touchdowns and collecting an Interception. Again there was a lot of running and overall my breath (cardio) was really good. I remember my first ever game with the BFL and how after the first two plays I could barely catch a breath or do anything else. Now a 50 yard run is in my range… who knew?

Hoping everyone found time to spend with family or those special to them and is thankful what they have in their lives,


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