Blue Blood Exercise Machine

The Oxford Dictionary Defines MOTIVATION as follows:
• 1 a reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way:escape can be a strong motivation for travel
• [mass noun] desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm:keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivation

Current motivation in the gravitational field surrounding Bernard James Crawford (thanks largely to the extra 15 (ish) lbs) is currently in the realm of the square root of -1. For those who aren’t math folks, that’s an imaginary number, kinda like my motivation.

Now that having been said, it isn’t for want of trying to get moving, just the inability. Now before you turn to the heavens because all seems lost, along comes a certain redhead from Brantford. Thank the Good Dude for you Lisa! She is probably my most loyal blog follower and she has been in a perpetual state of waiting since I went into the once and a while posting method. I got her hopes up on the weekend telling her that I would be posting this week. I didn’t. She called me out. AMAZING!


For the first time in a long time, I dispensed with the BS, had a healthy dinner and hopped on the bike. It was a painful experience. Not the “OH MY GAWD I’M DYING” painful, but the “Sweet Jeebus I haven’t done this in forever and my body is protesting” kind. While it wasn’t by any means a Tour de France session, 35 minutes of pounding away (and yes my ankle and knee were pounding… this may explain my reluctance to do anything) at the pace that Dr. Spin had set out. I did redline the heart monitor a couple of times, but that is just because my body needs to adjust.

I feel pretty good right now and the shoes and shorts are laid out for a session in the morning. Brace yourself bloggies, TWO posts in a twelve hour period… Can it be? I am going to force myself to find the motivation because if I wait for it, I will be 900lbs again and I am never going to let that happen. Also for those out there that care, I will be running a Duathalon sometime this summer. There, it’s in print and on the internet. What is a Duathalon? Well, it’s a race consisting of a 5KM run, 20KM bike ride and then a 3KM run.

I need to do something for my 35th year…

Please be patient with me kiddies, I’m working on it (also if you see a gap in my postings, please don’t hesitate to speak up. The point of this blog is to not only chronicle, but to find drive when mine is low).

Have a great night,


PS – If you don’t watch Blue Bloods, stop what you are doing and find it. Great TV show staring Tom Selleck and one of the Wahlberg’s…. Second only to Fringe…

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