It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…

NO, It’s a Posting as Promised…

All you bloggies that were betting I would hit the snooze button and roll over were… drum roll… Absolutely Right. Good thing my alarm is set so early that I can hit snooze, roll over, listen to 680 News and STILL get up for some early morning love with Spritz. Wow, did I want to not do it though….

Motivation looks like it will be a self inflicted weapon until I get into a rhythm. I don’t remember it being this hard though. Starting to think the hard part is going to be just getting moving (funny, when I lived at Cranbrooke, once you got outside, the hit of cold air was all you needed).

Nice little 35 minute session this am, heart rate was still high, but not as high as last night. I think maybe my cadence was a bit off, but since I am just starting I am not 100% worried about it. I think for the first few sessions, just getting on the bike will be the key. On a happier note, I finally found a time that I can catch up on TV. Play the episodes I’ve been stockpiling and pound through on the bike.

Have a GREAT morning,


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