July 28th – Ball

Blue Rams Baseball!

Ugh, I can’t believe I drove for an hour and 10 minutes through downtown Toronto traffic for this. First the game is at Mavis and Dundas (which for the record is impossible to get to for a 6:30pm game and second my team didn’t show up. Oh, physically we were there, but wow did we lay goose-eggs for 2 straight games. It was embarrassing.

The Brickyard is like playing in Oakland, foul ground for miles and a park where the ball NEVER carries. It was just unpleasant. I did get a couple of good runs in (one of them where I could have killed their first baseman if I was a dirty douchebag, but alas). Our season basically comes down to next Wednesday when the Rams have a QUADROUPLE-header. Stupid. Four games in one night starting at 6:30pm and ending at 11:00pm.

The updates should be more frequent now that I’m settled. 5 games in two nights to start the week and hopefully a swimming routine.

Have a good long weekend,


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