Dawgs August 3rd

I know, I know…

I haven’t been diligent. There are no excuses other than laziness and I am here to update you on the events of the first part of the month of August. Some things are the same and some things have changed (not really for me, but for a team I play for… That post is a couple away though). So here goes.

Tuesday ball with the Diamond Dawgs in the last two games of the season. We were playing a team from the south division and the following games could make or break our playoff chances. It was AWESOME! I played perhaps my best ever game in the Markham Business League. I was playing 3B and with the exception of one hard grounder that took a bad hop, I made every play. I made the long throws on the money, running catches and even hard charges.

Defense is only one side of the coin though and with the bat everything came together. Hard running, and everything hit on the button (without hitting any of my teammates just for the record.

We won, but tomorrow is the 4 games in one night make or break series…


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